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New Software Version 10.55 (3/22/01)

Files for Download

This is an exciting new addition to our web page. We now have the ability to make available software updates, setup files, and other helpful software. That's the good news. The bad news is that you will need to learn to download the files and install them in your F1000 System. We have attempted to make the process as easy as possible, but keep in mind this is a Windows process which can be confusing at times.

The documentation is in Adobe Acrobat format which most browsers can display and print. Acrobat files end in .pdf. 

To view the documentation, simply click on the file with a .pdf extension. Some of the graphics may be hard to view on the screen, but the printed copy will be high quality.

The software is in a self extracting ZIP format. The files are intended to be extracted to a 3.5" floppy disk in the A:\ drive. Follow the instructions for each download. Call or e-mail if you have problems.

1. Each update file must be extracted to and installed from a separate floppy disk.
2. Do not copy the download file to the floppy. There is not enough space on a floppy for the downloaded file and the extracted files.

F1000 Software Version 10.55 (New3/22/01)

Version 10.55 of the F1000 software is the software shipped with the most recent F1000 Systems. The software requires a minimum of a Pentium/AMD 133 MHz computer running Windows 95.98/ME. This download will provide a new installation or update any version of the existing software.

New in this version:

  1. Setup file editor provides a means to specify your own set of filter frequencies.

  2. Complete installation on 2 floppy disks.

  3. Generates Windows shortcuts with optimum settings for the F1000 software

  4. Detects presence of F1000 hardware. If not available prevents system crash while allowing the software to be used to view F1000 data files.

  5. Fixes a few minor bugs. Incorporates the Y2K and Data Export updates below.

Instructions for downloading and installing Version 10.55.

  1. Download Disk1.exe and Disk2.exe from the chart below into the download  directory(folder) of your browser. Your browser should show which directory is receiving the file. DO NOT SAVE IT IN THE F1000B DIRECTORY.   DO NOT SAVE THIS FILE TO THE FLOPPY.

  2. Insert a formatted empty floppy in the a: drive.

  3. Using Explorer navigate to the download directory.
        a. Right click the Windows Start Button.
        b. Left click Explore.
        c. Navigate to and select the directory (folder) used in step 1.

  4. Double click on the Disk1 file. DO NOT DRAG THE FILE ANYWHERE.

  5. In the WINZIP Self Extractor window select Unzip. Keep the default destination of a:\.  This will extract the update files to the floppy disk.

  6. Label the floppy: F1000 Installation Disk 1, Version 10.55.

  7. Repeat steps 2-6 for disk 2. Label the floppy: F1000 Installation Disk 2, Version 10.55.

  8. Download  the Install.pdf file in the chart below. Your browser should be able to display and print the file. Follow the instructions for installing the software. The installation should not affect existing data files, but as always, back up any that are critical.

  9. Download the Prop2E.pdf file in the chart below. This should also be printed and contains the instructions for the new software components.

  10. If you are using any of the User Suggested Setup Files below, you must download the updated versions for use with this version. If you are using any other custom setups not listed below, contact us for an update. This only applies to setups using the proportional feedback screens.

  11. Version 10.55 replaces versions 10.50, 10.52, 10.53, and 10.54. If you downloaded any of these previous versions, it is important to update them to version 10.55.

Note: Before updating software, be sure you have the disks for the version you are currently using. If a problem occurs with the new version simply re-install the old version.


Instructions for installing version 10.55 software (New 3/3/01)
prop2e.pdf Instructions for using the proportional update Version 10.55.
(New 2/9/01)
disk1.exe Version 10.55 Install Disk 1 (3/22/01)
disk2.exe Version 10.55 Install Disk 2 (3/22/01)

Exporting F1000 Data

F1000 data can be exported in comma delimited ASCII format suitable for import into spreadsheets and statistical software.   The Data Presentation module has built in export capability and all that is needed is to download the export.pdf file below for instructions.

Raw EEG data is saved in a separate file and require use of the RawAscii conversion package below. The rawascii.pdf file supplies instructions for installation and use. This package requires Windows 95 or above.

Use of these options require advanced knowledge of the ASCII data format and use of advanced statistical and/or spreadsheet packages. If you do not understand their use you should probably not be using this option. This will not limit your use of the F1000 in any way.

.export1.pdf Instructions for using the Data Presentation export function.
rawascii.pdf Instructions for installation and use of the raw2ascii conversion package.
rawascii.exe RawAscii installation disk.