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Upgrading Your F1000 Computer

The F1000 is a real time DOS based system which was designed for use with mainstream computers that have been in use since the 1980's. Recent decisions in the computer industry have changed both the operating system and hardware interface of current offerings. This is currently the main threat to the future of the F1000. In light of this I suggest the following:

  1. If you are using an old computer that will likely need replacement in the near future, now is the time do it. Compatible computers may become hard to find in the coming years.
  2. A replacement computer MUST have provision for a ISA card slot. This is the slot where your F1000 Main Board is installed in your current computer.
  3. The replacement computer MUST run Windows 98 or Windows ME. I suggest Win 98 as it is the most reliable. DO NOT attempt installation under Windows NT, 2000, or XP. They do not handle DOS applications in a way that supports the timing requirements of the F1000. We cannot emphasis this enough..we regularly receive calls from people who have tried to use the F1000 under NT,2000, or XP and are having problems.

The best approach to finding a suitable replacement is to contact a custom computer shop.  Feel free to have a custom shop contact me by phone or e-mail if they have questions. I can also assist them in finding the necessary parts. Do not be put off by anyone who says the ISA slot is not any longer available. I just bought the parts and assembled a computer myself a few months ago.

Do not attempt to use the F1000 on a computer running Windows NT,2000, or XP. It likely will not work at all, but if it does the data will be adversely affected.

Upgrading Your F1000 Printer

The F1000 does not use the Windows printer drivers supplied with with all current printers. The F1000 uses its own internal drivers. This limits the selection of printers to those that are compatible with the original F1000 drivers. The following may help in choosing a replacement printer:

  1. The printer must be hardware compatible with the Hewlett Packard HP PCL3 language. This may or may not appear on the printer box and most sales persons will have no idea what you are talking about. My suggestion is to try the Hewlett Packard web site.
  2. HP printers that are compatible with the Linux operating system may work. Printer that require Windows probably will not.